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Johannesburg Stock Exchange
The JSE realises the importance of working closely with the rest of the African continent to improve the efficiency of capital markets and to attract the capital needed for our economies to develop. Our Africa strategy is three pronged, encompassing: Technological linking of exchanges to enable use of the JSE’s platform for trading, clearing and settlement by other stock exchanges; Creation of indices (together with FTSE) to track the performance of securities on the continent and to provide benchmarks for multiple investment strategies; Creating an Africa Board, providing opportunities for top African issuers to list on their home exchanges and dual list on the JSE.
The Africa Board is a separate segment of the JSE’s main board and seeks to identify African issuers to list on a secondary basis on the JSE while maintaining a primary listing in their country of domicile. We envisage that some challenges that have hampered growth of capital markets in Africa will be addressed by a listing on the Africa Board. Benefits include the following: Improved liquidity; Better price discovery and settlement; Enhanced corporate governance standards; Access to broader and more global international investor base; Access to capital to fund growth; and the ability to list new products
The JSE expects that the benefits accruing to the issuers by virtue of their secondary listing on the JSE will have a favourable impact on their home markets over time, thereby creating deeper markets across Africa. For more information on the JSE Africa Board please contact Maureen Dlamini – Executive Head, Africa Board – maureend@jse.co.za or +27115207301 or Geoff Musekiwa – Business Development Manager – geoffreym@jse.co.za or +27115207156
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    Africa @ Work, a business and investment advisory company, is dedicated to facilitating and improving business in Africa through client briefings, advisory work, providing media articles and reports on African economic issues, country immersions, and events. CEO Dianna Games is a leading commentator on business issues, trends and developments in Africa and specialises in corporate engagements across a range of sectors and countries. She also heads up the South Africa-Nigeria Business Chamber.

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