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Africa Risk Consulting
Africa Risk Consulting (ARC) is a boutique consulting company providing pre-investment investigative due diligence, political consulting and reputation risk management services to companies operating in Africa and expanding their presence on the continent. ARC invests continuously to expand its networks on the continent and has immediate capabilities in most countries.

Typical consulting projects for South African companies include projects to identify and profile the top business leaders and top politicians; pre-acquisition reputation due diligences; vetting and background checks on senior appointments; country analysis and forecasting; sector risk assessments; and living and working in assessments (Nigeria; Sierra Leone; Liberia; Guinea; Cote d'Ivoire).

Nigerian companies have engaged ARC to provide business intelligence and to monitor opportunities as well as to develop corporate governance strategies for competitive advantage. With all our service lines we move away from commoditized information and rather tailor our support to our clients' exact requirements.
Risk Consulting


  • Africa House

    Africa House is a South African based research and consulting company working exclusively in sub-Saharan Africa. We offer a suite of services designed to maximise client opportunity in the region through insight and access into the African trade and project environment. Delivering intelligence on projects and bespoke research on opportunities in markets, Africa House enables sustainable growth for its clients into Africa. The Africa House team has well over 60 years of research experience on the continent and has travelled to 40 African countries which translates into a unique insight and connectivity which we have put to use

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